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Computer Ambulance

ABN: 21 124 256 220

T: 07 4639 1578

56 Ferguson Rd

Westbrook  Qld  4350

Licenced Communications Cabler T02431

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As the saying goes "the best cure is often prevention". 

Whether you have a stand alone PC or a large computer network, Computer Ambulance can supply and install a robust Anti-Virus solution to suit your specific needs. 

Ask us about installing our virus protection software or if you've been unlucky ask us about removing and cleaning your system. 

Virus Protection

Ransomware is an increasingly popular method for scammers to illicit money. This type of malware encrypts your data files so that you’re unable to access them without a password.

The scammers leave a message on your computer that demands some form of payment to have the files unlocked. Access to your computer files is literally held to ransom by the perpetrator.


The terms "virus" and "malware" (short for malicious software) are generic terms used to describe any bad, self replicating software capable of infecting your computer.

Once malware or a virus is in your computer, it can do many things. Sometimes it’s only trying to replicate itself with no harm to anyone, other times it’s capable of doing very nasty things and can be difficult to remove.

Viruses and Malware

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Computer Virus Removal


07 4639 1578 

07 4639 1578