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Computer Ambulance

ABN: 21 124 256 220

T: 07 4639 1578

56 Ferguson Rd

Westbrook  Qld  4350

Licenced Communications Cabler T02431

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One of the most common causes of problems on local area networks is messy cabling. Untidy cabling can lead to all sorts of issues including intermittent connections,  slower than normal LAN speeds and it can make diagnostics difficult and time consuming due to the chaos of the cabling .

Computer Ambulance can test and if necessary re-wire and tidy up your existing network cabling infrastructure to resolve any problems. We are also licenced to install new cabling should you have shifted business premises or need to accommodate additional computers, printers and other peripheral network devices.

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Data and Network Cabling


07 4639 1578 

07 4639 1578